what is well liquor

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Most basic, least expensive type of liquor

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  • What is a well drink?

  • A well drink (alternately known as a rail drink) refers to a mixed drink made from liquors that a bartender keeps in a rack called a well. These are typically lower-cost spirits that you can think of as the booze equivalent of house wine.

  • What are the most common well drinks?

  • Here are some examples of the most common well drinks: Top the glass with cola. Don’t overlook well drinks as a valuable part of your beverage program. These drinks are ordered frequently and are profitable for your bar thanks to the low liquor cost.

  • Do Well drinks and call drinks have prices?

  • Prices for well drinks and call drinks are not usually listed on a menu, unless they are part of a happy hour or brunch special. Both types of drinks have their place in your bar program and it’s important to keep your bar stocked with a range of liquors at all price points.

  • What is a well in a bar?

  • The well is stocked with the bottles that the bartender uses most often. It typically includes one bottle of the essential liquors 鈥攇in, rum, tequila, vodka, whiskey (and, often, bourbon), and triple sec. The bottles are topped with speed pourers, so they’re ready for the next drink. Think of the brands in the well as house liquors.

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