what kind of liquor is in twisted tea

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Malt alcohol

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  • What kind of alcohol is in Twisted Tea?

  • The alcohol present in Twisted Tea is malt alcohol or the one that can be found in beers. This type of alcohol is derived from grains. The beverage often uses the word malt which means grains. That鈥檚 why we say that Twisted Tea has an alcoholic taste like beer.

  • What does twisted tea taste like?

  • That鈥檚 why we say that Twisted Tea has an alcoholic taste like beer. While some people might think that alcohol that comes from wine is the same as that of beer, that鈥檚 not the case.

  • Is twisted tea healthier than beer?

  • Twisted Tea is made with malted barley but lacks the characteristics of beer as it is not brewed with hops and isn鈥檛 carbonated. Instead, it鈥檚 brewed with tea and natural lemon flavors. Most Twisted Tea styles have an ABV of 5% (Light is 4% ABV). Because of the use of sweeteners and preservatives, Twisted Tea is considered less healthy than beer.

  • Can you get drunk from Twisted Tea?

  • Even though it is not a high among, drinking Twisted Tea in an excessive quantity may lead to dangerous outcomes. Having too much alcohol can cause many problems, including cancer, liver damage, and heart conditions. Indicating whether or not Twisted tea will get you drunk is not always that simple.

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