what liquor can you have on keto

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  • What are the best keto alcohol drinks?

  • Rum and Regular Coke – 178 calories and 12 grams of carbs per drink (12 fl oz) Wine Cooler – 227 calories and 34 grams of carbs per drink (12 fl oz) The best keto alcohol drinks contain zero carbohydrates or only small amounts and provide few calories overall.

  • Can you drink other drinks on the keto diet?

  • But you may be wondering if you can drink something besides plain old water. When it comes to keto drinks, plain water is best, although not your only option. Low-carb drinks, alcohol, and even hot chocolate and lattes can be part of your keto beverage repertoire.

  • Can you drink gin and tonic on keto?

  • Spirits. However, avoid sugar-sweetened drinks. Note that the popular drink Gin Tonic is full of sugar, 16 grams 鈥?a common mistake on keto. Switch to vodka, soda water and lime instead, and you鈥檒l have zero carbs. The worst option of all is to mix alcohol with soda or juice, this will be a sugar bomb.

  • Does alcohol count as calories on keto?

  • Alcohol = calories: All alcohol contains calories that your body has to use before it burns body fat. More on keto and alcohol. Keto-friendly drinks: Wine and pure spirits are lowest in carbs; beer and sweet mixed drinks are highest.

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