what liquor is best for sore throat

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  • What are the best alcoholic drinks for sore throat?

  • The number 5 on our list of best alcoholic drinks for sore throat, cough and cold is Rum that will make your sore throat feel a lot better, you just need to boil water, pour it into the glass, add 30 ml rum, a teaspoon of honey and squeeze lemon. After this drink, your throat will feel better and disinfected鈥搕he warmth will ease the discomfort. 4.

  • What is the best sore throat remedy?

  • Honey is a classic sore throat remedy, to the extent that some people simply suck honey off a spoon to help with their sore throat. Hot drinks with honey are even better, as you鈥檙e getting the soothing properties of the hot liquid too, along with the benefits of any other ingredients.

  • What are the best alcoholic drinks for cough and cold?

  • 15 Delicious Alcoholic Drinks For The Times You鈥檙e Down With Cough Cold 1 Hot Toddy 2 Pepper Ginger Cider 3 Tequila blanco, lemon and salt 4 Mulled Wine 5 Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee 6 The Penicillin 7 White Whisky and Orange Juice 8 Hot Gin Punch 9 Hot Buttered Rum 10 Old Irish Cure More items…

  • Is lemon water good for a sore throat?

  • Staying hydrated is important when you鈥檙e sick, even if your sore throat makes it difficult to do so. Lemon water can help in this regard, as the lemon helps to soothe your throat, making the water easier to drink. Plus, you鈥檙e getting some vitamin C and antioxidants from the lemon.

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