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  • What is the alcohol content of a vodka martini?

  • The Vodka Martini follows suit with the Gin Martini, Manhattan and other spirit-vermouth cocktails. These are not light drinks. With an 80-proof vodka and 15% ABV vermouth in this recipe’s ratio, we can estimate it to be about 28% ABV (56 proof).

  • What is a martini cocktail?

  • A Martini is a cocktail consisting of gin and vermouth, served ice-cold and garnished with anything from a citrus peel to olives or pickled pearl onions. While the classic ratio is 3 parts gin to 1 part vermouth, consider that a starting place in determining exactly what you like. Origins of the Martini Cocktail.

  • What is a martini made of?

  • The ratio is negotiable, but common formulas typically fall in the range of four-to-eight parts gin to one part vermouth. A dash of orange bitters ties the room together. Despite the exacting demands of a certain fictional British spy, the Martini is meant to be stirred, not shaken. The cocktail should be clear, sans ice shards.

  • What is the best Martini to drink after dinner?

  • While we鈥檝e focused on the classic recipe, many takes on the Martini have come about over the years. Espresso, Kahlua, and chocolate-based Martinis have become popular after-dinner choices, while fruit-flavored selections have become a common happy-hour staple. Check out some of our favorites below!

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