what liquor is in a tom collins

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  • What is a Tom Collins cocktail?

  • Created in the late 1800s, the Tom Collins is said to be named after a wide-spread practical joke that swept the country. This cocktail, however, is no joke. See how to mix up a refreshing classic cocktail.

  • What type of soda is in a Tom Collins?

  • The Tom Collins falls into the category of popular gin and soda drinks. While some of these call for a specific soda (think gin and tonic), others leave it up to the drinker and bartender. Today, it is very common to turn to club soda for the Tom Collins, though any clear carbonated water you have in stock will work.

  • What is in a 1692 Tom Collins?

  • Appears in 1692 Collections. Master the all-time gin classic. The Tom Collins is essentially a sparkling lemonade spiked with a healthy dose of the juniper spirit. While there is a debate which side of the pond this drink was born, this cocktail lives up to his classic status with every sip.

  • What kind of rum is in a Charlie Collins?

  • A rum Collins uses white rum, but the Charlie Collins calls specifically for a Jamaican rum. You can also pour tequila for a tequila Collins. Use the recipe formula to create fascinating cocktails with any extra flavors you like.

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