what liquor is in beatbox

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Orange wine

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  • What are beatbox drinks made of?

  • BeatBox Beverages is a line of boxed alcoholic mixed drinks featuring flavors like Blue Razzberry, Peach Punch, Pink Lemonade, and Fresh Watermelon. They are made from a unique orange wine which is more like a clear spirit than a wine, and works as a base for creating mixed drinks.

  • How many bottles of wine are in a Beat Box?

  • Considering the alcohol content is 22 proof, it鈥檚 safe to say the Beat Box Beverage will have the same effect after a few mixed drinks as well. Each box holds 5 liters of the wine-based mixed drinks, or seven bottles of wine in a single package, which makes this the perfect way to throw an eco-friendly party without all the trash.

  • Where to buy Beat Box beverage鈥檚 in Texas?

  • So far the Beat Box Beverage鈥檚 is available in approximately two dozen stores all over the State of Texas. You can also order their Shark Tank Special online which consists of two BeatBoxes for only $64.99 with 鈥淔ree Shipping鈥? Two boxes is equivalent to 68 drinks, (must be 21 years old) which are plenty for the best party in a box you鈥檝e ever had.

  • Is Beatbox a good brand?

  • For those unfamiliar, BeatBox is a premium wine-cocktail brand based out of Austin, Texas that鈥檚 perfect for parties and brings a little more fun to the drinking experience with fruity flavors, high alcohol content, low calories and some pretty dope packaging.

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