what liquors are in a margarita

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  • What kind of liqueur is in a Margarita?

  • Orange Liqueur. Orange liqueur is made from orange skin and has a dry citrus flavor. Triple sec is the orange liqueur used most often in margaritas, but there are other types of orange liqueurs you can use.

  • What is the best tequila for a Margarita?

  • Generally speaking, the best quality tequila should read 100 percent agave. Because tequila makes up so much of the drink, choosing a good tequila is important; otherwise your margarita may have a harsh taste. Orange liqueur is made from orange skin and has a dry citrus flavor.

  • What is in a frozen margarita drink?

  • Building upon the Frozen Margarita, this sweeter, fruitier rendition takes the usual tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice and agave nectar and adds the bright pop of summer-fresh strawberries. It all goes into the blender, making for a smooth, slushy drink that鈥檚 ideal for sipping on the patio or next to a pool.

  • How many different margaritas are there?

  • These are 11 delicious Margarita variations to try. The predecessor to the Margarita (which is 鈥渄aisy鈥?in Spanish), this Prohibition-era drink comes from the daisy family of cocktails, which all call for a spirit, lemon juice, orange liqueur and a splash of soda. This recipe hews to exactly that mix, with tequila used as the base spirit.

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