what malt liquor

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Malted barley and hops

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  • What kind of beer is a malt liquor?

  • This makes for quite a dry beer, with only a small amount of unfermented sugars and a strong kick from the higher ABV. For the most part, Malt Liquor beers are sold in 40-ounce bottles. You’ve reviewed 0 beers under this style.

  • How is malt liquor made?

  • The process of making malt liquor is pretty similar to the way beer is made鈥?however the main differences are: Malt liquor is only bottom fermented, while beer can be either top or bottom fermented. Brewers add adjuncts to Malt Liquor like corn, sugar and rice to increase the abv of Malt Liquor.

  • What does malt liquor smell like?

  • This malt liquor smells sweet and boozy, and you鈥檒l confirm that with the flavor. This one carries much of the corn sweetness and touch of malt that the others have, but they鈥檝e turned it to 211. You鈥檒l smell the alcohol vapor on the nose, which is a little intimidating but also intriguing in a primal kind of way.

  • What is the proof of a malt liquor?

  • We determine proof by multiplying ABV times 2, and malt liquor skews strong. An average-strength beer like Budweiser clocks in at 5% (10 proof). Malt liquor punches in a different weight class, starting with lovely, refined Mickey鈥檚 at 5.6% (that鈥檚 low end).

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