what’s the most expensive liquor

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Winston Cocktail

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  • Can you afford the most expensive liquor in the world?

  • Got an extra $1 million hanging around, well then you can afford one of the most expensive liquors in the world. So, why not get a bottle of Diva Vodka? Sure, a shot of this vodka costs about as much as one student鈥檚 college tuition, but who cares? Money is made for spending. Personalize your own bottle鈥?/div>Most Expensive Liquors In The World – UPDATED – 2021

  • What is the most expensive bottle of wine in the world?

  • In 2011, this vintage cognac became the most expensive bottle of white wine in the world, breaking the then-current Guinness World Record. It鈥檚 now considered to be more of a historical artefact, than a normal bottle of wine, as it鈥檚 totally undrinkable, or at least you wouldn鈥檛 want to.

  • What is the most expensive whiskey in the world?

  • The 1926 Macallan Fine and Rare is one of the most expensive whiskeys in the world. It is also described as dry and concentrated with a licorice after-taste.

  • What is the most expensive cognac in the world?

  • This is the world’s most expensive cognac and is packaged by jeweler Jose Davalos. This expensive liquor was produced in 1776 and is aged in barrels for more than 100 years. The cognac is then packed in a bejeweled bottle, which is dipped in 24 K gold and sterling platinum.

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