when do liquor stores open

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11 PM Monday-Saturday

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  • What time do liquor stores close & open?

  • As a general rule of thumb, each state-run liquor store will typically close anytime between the purview of 6 PM-9 PM. However, these closure times can vary greatly depending on weekends, holidays, or the additional rules set out by a county or city. Private liquor stores also have varied closing times.

  • Are liquor stores open on Memorial Day 2022?

  • While state liquor stores might be closed, there are certain alcohol sellers that will remain open on Memorial Day 2022. If you live in a state or district with privately owned and operated liquor stores, it’s best to call ahead to determine your local store’s hours. What liquor stores will be open on Memorial Day?

  • What are the holiday hours for Kroger liquor store?

  • Kroger Liquor Store Holiday Hours: HOLIDAYS OPEN/CLOSE New Year鈥檚 Eve 鈥?Dec. 31 Open Christmas Eve 鈥?Dec. 24 Open Christmas Day 鈥?Dec. 25 Close Day after Christmas 鈥?Dec. 26 Open 13 more rows …

  • What are the trading days and hours for sale of liquor?

  • Trading days and hours for sale of liquor off licensed premises A licensee may sell liquor for consumption off the licensed premises on the following days and hours:(a)on any day of the week with the exception of Sundays, provided such exception does not apply to a winery; and(b)from 0900 to 1800. 4. Transitional provision

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