when does walmart stop selling liquor

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Unlike in a few states like South Carolina, where Walmart stops selling alcohol as early as7 pm, most Walmarts stop selling alcohol as late as 12 am and 2 am in states like Virginia, Vermont, Texas, Wyoming, Washington, and South Dakota. Walmart also has 24-hour liquor stores in Nevada that sell alcohol throughout the day.

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  • What time does Walmart stop selling alcohol?

  • In other states like Delaware and the District of Columbia, Walmart alcohol sales start at 9 am or as late as 11 am in Utah. How late Walmart stops selling alcohol also varies from state to state, but in most states, you鈥檒l be able to buy alcohol late at night or early in the morning.

  • Can you buy alcohol at Walmart?

  • Walmart starts or stops selling alcohol depending on the state and county a specific store is located. That鈥檚 basically because different states and counties set restrictions on where and when alcohol can be sold. In most states, Walmart鈥檚 alcohol hours coincide with regular store hours.

  • What time does Kroger stop selling liquor?

  • While the states with the shortest Kroger liquor sales hours are South Carolina at 7 pm, Montana at 8 pm, North Carolina, and Wisconsin at 9 pm. The only other state where Kroger alcohol hours stop before midnight is Mississippi at 10 pm, Kansas and Tennessee at 11 pm.

  • What time does alcohol stop being legal in the US?

  • Mostly, the alcohol sales start at noon and stop at 12 am to 2 am in those states. For instance, hours on Sunday start between 12 noon and 1 pm and stop at 12 am, and 2 am in Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Texas.

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