where to get a liquor permit

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ABC board in your state

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  • How do I get a liquor license?

  • Many states have a limited number of liquor licenses, making new licenses hard to come by. If that is the case in your state, you may have to purchase your license from an existing business. Once you find a liquor license, you will need to submit an application.

  • How much does it cost to get a liquor permit?

  • The on-premise liquor permit application requires you to receive approval from your local municipality and submit a variety of general business information. On-premise liquor permit applications take 60 to 90 days to process, and range in price from $60 to $2,750. They must be renewed annually.

  • What can I order with a commercial liquor permit?

  • Discover more information on restaurant, tavern, and other Commercial Liquor Permits. With this authorization, you can order wine and craft spirits directly from a BC manufacturer.

  • How do I start a liquor store in my neighborhood?

  • Determine the type of liquor license you will need for your business. Determine if you need to purchase a liquor license or get one from your State government. Acquire your liquor license. Apply through the Division of Alcoholic Beverage and Tobacco. Find a supplier that will provide low wholesale prices.

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