where to get a liquor permit

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Contact your state ABC board

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  • What do I need to apply for a liquor license?

  • Some of the items you must provide with your liquor license application are your employer identification number (EIN), business license, sales tax permit, health permit, building permit, and zoning permit. The building and zoning permits are used to determine if your business is in a location and facility where it is legal to sell alcohol.

  • How much does it cost to get a liquor permit?

  • The on-premise liquor permit application requires you to receive approval from your local municipality and submit a variety of general business information. On-premise liquor permit applications take 60 to 90 days to process, and range in price from $60 to $2,750. They must be renewed annually.

  • Where can I apply for a liquor license in New Jersey?

  • New Jersey liquor license applications need to be filed along with a $200 fee and can be processed through their ABC Online Licensing System. New Mexico. New Mexico鈥檚 ABC handles requests for liquor licenses in this state. Because it鈥檚 a quota state, and a limited number of licenses to award.

  • How to get a liquor license in CT?

  • How to get a liquor license in Connecticut To get alicense in Connecticut you must submit an application along with the necessary paperwork and payment at a drop box at the Department of Consumer Protection Self-Service Center in Hartford. There are 26 different types of license permits you can apply for.

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