who makes dusse liquor

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Chteau de Cognac

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  • Is d’Ussé Cognac a trademark?

  • D’USS is a trademark, all rights reserved. For information about Bacard Limited, click here. The bold, yet remarkably smooth character of D’USS Cognac was founded by Shawn 鈥淛AY-Z鈥?Carter and conceived by the senior-most cellar master working today, Michel Casavecchia.

  • What is the meaning of d’Ussé?

  • D’USS Essential Facts. The symbol on the bottle is the Cross of Lorraine, a French emblem that symbolizes courage, honor and perseverance. It is made at Chteau de Cognac, one of the oldest cognac houses in France (in a region that has been producing cognac for more than 200 years). Jay-Z is known to be a big fan of D鈥橴SS,…

  • What does d’Ussé taste like?

  • Cognac remains a key asset behind the bar, and D’USS is the perfect brand to continue reinvigorating the category. Distinctively bold, yet remarkably smooth. D鈥橴SS VSOP: Palate-arousing with a bouquet rich in woody notes with layers of floral and cinnamon.

  • Is d鈥橴ssé a good everyday drink?

  • Chteau de Cognac, where D鈥橴ss is matured, has eau-de-vie dating back to 1820 and is housed in a castle that dates to the 15th century. This is a nice everyday after-dinner sipper or cocktail mixer. It鈥檚 nothing to get too worked up over, but there鈥檚 nothing bad about it, either.

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