why liquor before beer

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Given that the overall amount of alcohol consumed stays same, there isno compelling reason why drinking liquor before beer would help you avoid a hangoverany more than drinking beer first. The amount of alcoholic beverages you consume. High blood alcohol levels are more likely than low blood alcohol levels to result in a hangover the next day.

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  • Why did people start drinking liquor before beer?

  • One belief is that people used to drink beer, wine, and similar low-alcohol drinks before moving to hard liquor. The hangover the following day led them to believe that the order to the drinks was to blame. Naturally, it also led them to develop the liquor before beer, never fear saying.

  • Is it better to drink beer before or after liquor?

  • Myth: Beer before liquor, never sicker. Liquor before beer, never fear. Bottom line is it isn’t which order you consume your drinks in that matters, it’s the total amount of alcohol that you consume.

  • Why does beer give you a hangover and not alcohol?

  • Another belief is that, since clear liquor, among similar drinks, can spike your alcohol level faster than beer, it could take you over the edge. The beer alone may not cause the hangover, but adding liquor on top could bring you close to hangover territory. That could have contributed to the popularity of the beer before liquor saying.

  • Should beer be mixed with whiskey or beer first?

  • Whiskey before beer, never fear.鈥?Then there is the, 鈥淒on鈥檛 mix the grape and the grain.鈥?There is also, 鈥淏eer before liquor, never sicker; liquor before beer, never fear.鈥?According to Dr. Keri Peterson, who appeared on the TODAY show in December of 2010, to talk about this very subject,…

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