how many drinks per bottle of liquor

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16 drinks

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  • How many drinks are in a 750ml bottle of liquor?

  • Liquor: Mixed drinks have a 1.5-ounce (45 ml) serving of liquor per drink, so a 750-ml bottle will make about 16 drinks. To figure out how many bottles you need, just divide the number of liquor drinks needed by 16.

  • How many bottles of liquor do I need for a party?

  • As an example, let’s say that you’re hosting a party for 20 guests with a limited drink menu, so you might serve as many as 80 drinks. Since you can get about 16 drinks from one standard 750 milliliter bottle of liquor, you will need a minimum of five bottles.

  • How do you calculate how much alcohol to put in a drink?

  • We do this by dividing the volume of the bottle by one ounce: Though there are many varying liquor bottle sizes, but the ones most commonly used by BevSpot users are 750 mL and 1L bottles. The 750 mL bottle is probably the most common for all spirits and wines, so let鈥檚 use that as an example. Let鈥檚 say your drink demands 1 oz of a certain spirit.

  • How many shots in a bottle of liquor?

  • Liquor Shots per Bottle. How many cocktails you can make with one bottle of liquor will vary from drink to drink. There are a few things to consider. The average cocktail uses: 1 1/2 ounces (the average shot) of a base liquor (i.e. vodka, gin, rum, etc.). Liqueurs are typically poured at 1/2 to 3/4 ounce.

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